RWS Copper-Matrix NTF Ammunition 12 Gauge 2-3/4″ 375 Grain Slug Non-Toxic Frangible (200 Count Lots)

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The non-toxic frangible slug disintegrates on impact! Loaded with a standard RWS primer and is recommended for military and law enforcement. Can also be used for target shooting.

Other Notes from the Manufacturer

  • Ideal for breach applications
  • No attachment or “stand off” device needed
  • Can be used 4″ inches or 4 feet from a door
  • Functions in pump, gas-operated or recoil operated shotguns without modifications
  • Works on hinges and locks

    Technical Information

  • Gauge: 12
  • Shell Length: 2-3/4″
  • Slug Weight: 375 Grains
  • Slug Type: Non-Toxic Frangible

    Ballistics Information:

  • Muzzle Velocity: 1404 fps
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